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How to strengthen customer trust and understanding with your financing program

January 22, 2024

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At Koalafi, we believe that a retail financing program should empower consumers. An empowering financing program puts the customer at the center and ensures that all aspects of the program are fair and transparent. This means there are no hidden fees or surprises, and customers are provided with the information they need to make informed financing decisions.

But what does a financing program that prioritizes consumer understanding actually look like? In this article, we’ve broken down the key phases of the consumer financing journey and how merchants and providers, like Koalafi, can work together to foster transparency each step of the way1.

Before shopping

Approximately 25% of non-prime consumers research financing options before they go shopping2.

This means it’s valuable to have easy-to-access information about your financing options, including how they work, on your website or linked from your advertising or social media marketing.

It’s important to ensure that customers clearly understand the program as early as possible to avoid misconceptions or surprises later on. Lean on your financing partners for pre-approved messages to ensure that all marketing claims set clear expectations for all potential customers.

In your store or online

A majority of customers decide to apply for financing while they shop. This is one of the most important times to ensure you are making information about the structure and costs of the program clear and accessible.

Use the following touchpoints to educate customers on your financing options:


  • Sales associates: Ensure that all of your sales associates are trained on how the program works, the language to use and avoid, and the available tools and resources. For example, Koalafi equips sales associates with a financing calculator so they can clearly explain the cost and payments for different financing options and payoff schedules.

  • Marketing materials: Only use marketing materials or language provided by your financing partner to promote and explain the financing program. Marketing materials should explain how the program works, set expectations about the costs, and explain where customers can go for more information.


  • Financing page: Financing pages, like this Koalafi example, give you more space and content formats to explain how your financing program works. This page is a great place to continue to explain:

    • The different options available and for whom they are a good fit

    • The type of program (e.g., loan or a lease) and how it works

    • Program benefits

    • Program costs and fees

    • Application requirements

Applying for financing

The financing application is the only touchpoint that some customers may see before accepting a financing agreement, so this should be the most comprehensive touchpoint. Make sure you work with a financing provider who clearly presents costs, including fees, upfront so there are no surprises or gotchas. That information should be in relatable, easy-to-understand language and accessible fonts. Ensure your provider gives customers a way to confirm the terms of the agreement on their own device, at their own pace, to ensure they have read the important information.

Take a spin through an example of Koalafi’s application here.


Financing providers typically manage all financing-related touchpoints and communications once a customer has a financing plan. The quality and availability of customer support at that point ensures your customers are set up to succeed as they make payments. At Koalafi, our customer success program consists of these elements:

  1. Our flexible return policy allows customers who lease an item from Koalafi to return the item to end the lease agreement

  2. Accessible, bi-lingual customer service representatives, regularly trained and monitored for compliance

  3. A customer service portal that makes it easy for customers to track their payments and remaining balance

  4. Ongoing, automated communications specific to where the customer is in their payoff journey, including credit education and tips

As non-prime consumers navigate financing, ensuring that information is readily accessible, clear, and honest is essential. Transparent consumer financing empowers individuals to make informed choices and builds trust between consumers, financing companies, and merchants. Koalafi is committed to transparency and clarity, and we look forward to helping customers make important purchases and succeed.

Visit to learn more.

1Koalafi offers lease-to-own (or rent-to-own) and loan payment options. Customers will not own the leased merchandise or acquire ownership rights unless they make all scheduled payments or prepay in accordance with the lease. Details vary from state to state. Program features are for qualifying customers only. Offer subject to change. Consult the lease agreement for complete terms and conditions. Loans are issued by The Bank of Missouri, serviced by Koalafi.

2Koalafi customer research conducted in July 2023

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How to strengthen customer trust and understanding with your financing program

At Koalafi, we believe that a retail financing program should be designed to empower consumers.

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