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Miskelly Furniture + Koalafi

January 17, 2022

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Founded over 40 years ago by brothers Tommy, Oscar, and Chip Miskelly in Jackson, Mississippi, Miskelly Furniture is the premier furniture retailer in the state with over 300 employees and seven locations.

Miskelly Furniture has been working with Koalafi for over 2 years and is excited to continue growing the relationship. Even though there are other financing solutions available, James and his team continue to recommend Koalafi above other providers because they know Koalafi delivers. With approval rates over 90%, application times under 3 minutes, and a growing impact to overall revenue, James knows his team can count on Koalafi as their best financing partner.

Miskelly’s challenge- finding an easy to use & reliable financing partner

Being in business for as long as Miskelly has been means they’ve seen a lot of financing solutions come and go over the years. What has remained the same is the need for Miskelly to provide every customer who walks into their showroom the ability to purchase the furniture of their dreams.

With standard financing options, a lot of potential Miskelly customers can get denied for poor or non-existent credit. Miskelly faced three distinct challenges in their financing process.

  1. Low Approval Rates. Miskelly needed a solution to increase their approvals.

  2. Slow Checkouts. Longer checkouts meant more customer walk-outs.

  3. Poor Experience. Bad financing partners affected Miskelly’s reputation, too.

How Koalafi helped

With Koalafi, Miskelly was able to overcome these challenges by streamlining their entire sales process, helping them earn more customers and more revenue.

To begin the relationship Koalafi conducted onsite training and dove in to help Miskelly seamlessly integrate the product into their sales processes. From sales associate training, to in store materials, and even a detailed review of Koalafi’s customer remarketing program, Koalafi made sure James and his team were set up for success at the start.

  1. More Approvals. With Koalafi, Miskelly increased approvals to over 90%.

  2. Quicker Sales. Miskelly processes applications in under three minutes now.

  3. Happier Customers. Koalafi acts as an extension of Miskelly’s customer service team.


  • 90% Approvals.

Within the first few weeks of offering Koalafi, Miskelly saw their approval rates bump up to above 90%

  • <3 Minutes

Koalafi empowers Miskelly’s sales team to close more deals faster with a streamlined application process.

  • +3% Revenue

After two years, Miskelly attributes 3% of their total sales volume to Koalafi – more than triple of any other provider.

The team at Koalafi went above and beyond getting us set up. They flew their founders to our offices, conducted thorough training, and provided great incentives for our reps. From the beginning, it was evident that Koalafi was invested in our success.

Accounting Manager @ Miskelly Furniture

If you’d like to learn more about how Koalafi can make a difference for your business, improve your customers approval rates, and become the best financing company you’ve ever partnered with, then Contact Us

All collected data in this case study was based on Miskelly Furniture’s usage of Koalafi’s lease-to-own product.

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