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Introducing Koalafi

October 1, 2021

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A note from our CEO

October 2021

We have rapidly grown as a company and I'm excited to share that we recently changed our name from West Creek Financial to Koalafi to better reflect who we are today. We are immensely proud of what we accomplished as West Creek and are excited to continue to deliver exceptional financing products and services under our new brand. As Koalafi, we are here to help merchants to offer simple and convenient pay-over-time plans to nearly every consumer who walks in their door or visits their website.

We chose the name Koalafi, pronounced as “qualify,” to reflect our commitment to help more people qualify for financing to get the things they need. The lotus symbol in our new logo represents the growth we enable for both our merchant partners’ businesses and our customers’ financial journeys. Other modern and bold brand elements better reflect our identity as a technology company and our distinctive approach to financing.

Our rebrand coincides with the national expansion of our stand-alone financing solution which offers an array of Koalafi’s financing products to consumers with excellent to no credit through a single platform. There are an estimated 100+ million US customers looking to pay for purchases over time. Koalafi offers every consumer the ability to apply and find the best payment plan for them, after just completing a single application.

We will continue to put as much emphasis on service and support as product and technology. In our most recent NPS survey, we received a category leading score of 74 from our merchant partners.

As we look to the future, we are excited to build upon the strong foundation we set as West Creek to better serve more merchants and consumers as Koalafi.

- Rob Finnegan, Chief Executive Officer

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