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Fill your garage with loyal repeat customers

Fill your garage with loyal repeat customers

Koalafi is dedicated to helping your customers get back on the road quickly. From planned tune-ups to complex repair jobs, we make it easy to finance auto services with straightforward and manageable pay-over-time plans.

Offer Koalafi

Get more customers to "yes," with less hassle

Koalafi offers a variety of competitive financing plans through a quick and simple application and easy-to-use tools for your team.

Attract new customers

When they need repairs, customers are more likely to select a shop with financing. Koalafi provides eye-catching marketing materials, promotional interest periods, and other marketing support to help you stand out and set more appointments.

Give your customers a 5-star experience

Your customers can get started from anywhere, even before they visit your shop. They will just enter a few pieces of information and we will give them a decision within in seconds. It’s so easy, they’ll tell their friends and family about it — as our nearly 5-star average on Google shows.1

Save your team time

Explain Koalafi, offer it, and close the deal in minutes. From marketing materials to online training, we'll give you everything you need to make financing a breeze. On top of that we'll handle payment collection from start to finish, giving your team valuable time back.

Benefits built for auto

Fast application

A quick, straigtforward application that's fully digital.

Tailored to your business

A menu of pay-over-time plans that make sense for your customer base and goals.

Promotional rates

Special options to pay off early and save that will catch your customers' attention and make it easy to say "yes."

Field training

Convenient online trainings ensure your team can offer financing products with confidence and ease.

24/7/365 support

No matter what you need and when you need it, we’re available

No subscription fees

It’s free to get started with Koalafi

How it works

Simple set up
We offer online or in-store training, and a full suite of marketing resources to tell your customers about Koalafi. No hardware required. Our team can set up your business to offer Koalafi in just a few minutes.
Clear and simple application
Your customers input a few pieces of information. Within seconds, we’ll return a decision on the payment plans that are a good fit for their background. We look beyond credit score to give your customers a high chance of approval.
Fast funding
As soon as the customer receives their product or service, we'll pay you. We also collect your customers' payments from start to finish.
Loyal, repeat customers
We run marketing campaigns that promote your business to your previous customers, bringing them back - again and again.

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How It Works

Auto resources and tips

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1. Based on the Google reviews of Koalafi (previously West Creek) as of 7/20/2021. The rating may change over time.

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Koalafi offers Lease-To-Own and Lending solutions. Loans issued by The Bank of Missouri, serviced by Koalafi