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Offer Koalafi's loan and lease plans on your site with a single, lightweight integration. Koalafi is built for speed and ease, converting more shoppers into happy customers.

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How Koalafi works

Customers shop your site
Customers can apply before they shop to open up new purchase options or when they are ready to check out.
Deliver instant decisions
Every customer can apply and we'll instantly match them to the best loan or lease offer available to them.
Quickly receive funding
As soon as your customer receives their product we'll fund your business.
Keep customers coming back
We can run campaigns to drive customers with additional purchasing power back to your business.

Lifecycle marketing solutions

Marketing assets that reduce dropoff at every stage in the shopping journey, while keeping the spotlight on your brand.

Turn scrolls into clicks
Turn scrolls into clicks

Attract new customers to your site by promoting Koalafi in your paid and organic social posts.

Increase AOV
Increase AOV

Highlight low monthly payments from Koalafi as customers browse your site to make more upgrades and cart items possible.

Say bye to abandoned carts
Say bye to abandoned carts

Offer Koalafi as a payment option and convert more customers with our quick and simple application.

Partnership from implementation to optimization

Dedicated account team

Strategists, analysts, and technical experts are available to help you solve problems and tap into opportunity.

Support 365 days a year

We consistently earn industry-leading net promoter scores for our clear and simple customer experience, and our responsive and friendly support teams.

Custom marketing

Our campaign managers and designers are ready to help you grow your brand and online business.

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Koalafi offers Lease-To-Own and Lending solutions. Loans issued by The Bank of Missouri, serviced by Koalafi