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Stop Waiting For Someday

Stop Waiting For Someday

Financing a big purchase shouldn’t mean filling out endless forms and jumping through hoops. Whether you have excellent or no credit, Koalafi makes life-changing purchases accessible through instant decisions, clear and simple terms, and flexible monthly payments.*

Get Started

A fresh approach to financing

Financing for almost any credit background

Got fantastic credit? Great! Not-so-good credit? We’ve got payment plans for you too. No credit? Koalafi is the perfect place to start.*

High approval rates

How do we have one of the highest approval rates in the industry? Simple: we put sophisticated technology to work on your behalf and look at more than just your credit score.1

No surprises, no gotchas

When you sign up for a Koalafi plan, we tell you everything up front: total cost, scheduled payments, and any other fees.

“No financial experience of mine has been more easy or affordable than this. Period."

What you'll love

Get what you need today, pay over time

More purchasing power
Our high credit limits make it easy to complete a room, tackle a dream project, or keep your car running smoothly and safely.
Easy automatic payments
Access your account anytime, set up automatic transfer, and let your payments take care of themselves.
Pre-approvals for future offers
We’ll consider you for future offers without a hit to your credit.
Access to special discounts
Special promotions may be available to Koalafi customers at our merchant partners.

How it Works

Apply in person or online

Visit one of our merchant partners and ask to finance a purchase through Koalafi. You can fill out an application right there in the store or on their website.

We'll review your application and offer a tailored payment plan

Share a few pieces of information and we'll instantly deliver a decision on a payment plan, with clear and upfront terms, and different payment options.

Check out and make easy monthly payments

With our high credit limits, you can get exactly the product or service you need. You'll select the plan that works for you and make convenient regular payments, with options to pay off early and save.


I know many people are trying to build their credit and this is an amazing way to do it!

Josephina P.

Easily applied, quick approval, no hassle.

Kari V.

Since doing business with Koalafi I've gotten great customer service and good deals. Of course I'd recommend them to my peers.

Paula W.

Easy, quick approval and payment terms. Truly helped me in time of need without having to touch my emergency fund.

Michelle C.

It was amazingly fast and customer service is excellent!

Tania B.

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Koalafi offers Lease-To-Own and Lending solutions. Loans issued by The Bank of Missouri, serviced by Koalafi.

*We do perform a credit check as part of our application process. No credit needed does not imply no credit check. ^For qualifying customers only. Offer subject to change. See agreement for details. 1. High approval rates are based on Koalafi products only. The Bank of Missouri does not offer Lease-to-Own solutions.