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A Koalafi merchant has referred you!

Offer Koalafi, Score $500

Finance 5 customers with Koalafi and we'll send you (and the person who referred you) a $500 Visa gift card.

Your fast pass to growth

Simple set up

We offer online or in-store training, and a full suite of marketing resources to tell your customers about Koalafi. No hardware required. Online businesses can get set up in minutes with our APIs.

Instant decisions

Every customer can apply through a single application and we'll deliver a decision in the blink of an eye. No more juggling multiple applications.

Fast funding

As soon as the customer receives their product or service, we'll pay you. We also collect your customers' payments from start to finish.

Loyal customers

We run marketing campaigns that promote your business to your previous customers, bringing them back - again and again.

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What we offer

Payment plans for everyone

A high-limit option for customers with better credit


Koalafi loans make big purchases more attractive by letting customers split them into several low payments. Promotional periods help your customers save, making what you offer accessible to even more buyers.

  • Credit limits up to $10,000 (higher in certain categories)

  • No payment required to complete purchase

  • Mutliple payment schedules to offer

  • 0% interest periods and other promotions may be available

A great choice for customers new to credit or still building their score


With a Koalafi lease, you aren’t just selling a product — you can also offer your customers the chance to improve their credit. We buy the item from you and lease it to the customer. They will own it in full after making their last payment.

  • Leases up to $7,500 (higher in certain categories)

  • No hard hit to credit when customers apply

  • Opportunity for customers to establish or improve their credit

  • Early purchase options available to help customers save

Offer Koalafi

Finance 5 customers with Koalafi and we'll send you (and the person who referred you) $500.

Discover Koalafi, Score $50

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*Promotional offer is for eligible businesses only. Referrals cannot be an immediate family member or employee of an existing Koalafi merchant. Referrals must pass merchant fraud and underwriting review. Multiple locations of the same business will not count as separate referrals. A merchant agreement must be signed by April 30, 2022 and leases or loan contracts must be signed by May 16, 2022 to qualify. Qualifying gift card is sent out upon final signed agreements and contracts of the promotional time frame. Total promotional value is $500 per new merchant. Any amount over 5 signed leases or loans will not exceed a $500 reward. Koalafi offers Lease-to-Own and Lending solutions. Loans issued by The Bank of Missouri, serviced by Koalafi.